Staff & Board

Under the leadership and vision of Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton "all roads of dance intersect at Hubbard Street," with an emphasis on creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Through the tireless energy of Hubbard Street’s team, the organization continues to introduce audiences to cutting-edge contemporary dance, encourage dance exploration through numerous and imaginative educational programs, and cultivate unique partnerships and collaborations year-round.

staff & board listing


Glenn Edgerton, Artistic Director

David McDermott, Executive Director

Artistic Staff

Jessica Tong, Rehearsal Director
312-850-9744 ext. 142

Jonathan Alsberry, Artistic Liason

Abby Olson, Company Manager & Associate Touring Producer
312-850-9744 ext. 158

Administrative Staff

Belina Mizrahi, Director of Finance and Operations
312-850-9744 ext. 143

Adrianna Desier Durantt, Associate Producer of Artistic Operations & Special Projects
312-850-9744 ext. 135

Deirdre Connelly, Facilities & Operations Coordinator
312-850-9744 ext. 148

Cait Lyon, Finance Associate
312-850-9744 ext. 134

External Affairs

Katie Tuttle, Director of Development
312-850-9744 ext. 127

Kathleen Jacob, Associate Director of Development
312-850-9744 ext. 145

Danielle Sparklin, Manager of Data and Patron Services
312-850-9744 ext. 167

Dexter Carlson, Manager of Donor Engagement and Development Operations
312-850-9744 ext. 130

Hayley Ross, Marketing Manager
312-850-9744 ext. 141

Derek Van Barham, Marketing Coordinator
312-850-9744 ext. 129

Nikki Horwitz, Grants Coordinator
312-850-9744 ext. 172

Julia Mendelsohn, Development Coordinator
312-850-9744 ext. 170

Ryn Osbourne, Individual Giving Coordinator
312-850-9744 ext. 164

Artist Training

Alexandra Wells, Director of Artist Training
312-850-9744 ext. 175

Krista Ellensohn, Manager of Artist Training
312-850-9744 ext. 120

Erin Harner, Artist Training Associate
312-850-9744 ext. 122

Youth, Education, and Community Programs

Kathryn Humphreys, Director, Youth, Education, and Community Programs
312-850-9744 ext. 133

Jennifer Gunter, Youth Dance Program Manager
312-850-9744 ext. 179

Dedrick Gray, Scholarships Coordinator and Hip Hop Faculty Head
312-850-9744 ext. 173

Emma Hill, Education Coordinator
312-850-9744 ext. 194

Melissa Mallinson, Senior Manager of School and Community Programs
312-850-9744 ext. 194

Michelle Modrzejewski, Education and Adaptive Dance Faculty Head
312-850-9744 ext. 194

John Cartwright, Secondary Division Faculty Head

Anne Kasdorf, Early Childhood and Primary Division Faculty Head


Scott Nelson, Director of Production
312-850-9744 ext. 169

Jenni Schwaner Ladd, Wardrobe Supervisor
312-850-9744 ext. 138

Stephan Panek, Head Carpenter and Stage Operations

Sam Begich, Master Electrician

Julie Ballard, Stage Manager and Properties Master

Jason Natali, Audio Engineer

Board of Directors

Larry Gilbert, Chair         
Richard Rodes, President         
Catherine Chavez, Treasurer      
Meg Callahan, VP Development 

Steven Collens, Secretary
Kristin Conley, VP Board Development 

Richard F. Tomlinson II, VP Facilities                        
Colleen Batcheler                   
Bija Bennett                            
Ross Bricker                    
Joel Cory                          
Karen Lennon                                                           
Marc Miller

Jasminka Milpak           
Betsy Stelle Morgan            
Sarah Nolan                                                                   
Lauren Robishaw                   
Kelly Royer Dolyniuk         
Camille Rudge

James Schulte                  
Cynthia Van Osdol

Yasmine Winkler                  


Life Directors

John W. Ballantine

Corinne Brophy

Edythe R. Cloonan

Pam Crutchfield

Sondra Berman Epstein

Stanley M. Freehling

Charles R. Gardner

Paul Gignilliat

Sandra P. Guthman

James Mabie

Marie E. O’Connor

Byron Pollock

Timothy Schwertfeger

Jack D. Tovin

William N. Wood Prince