Bringing dance to ALL students.

Bring your students into the world of dance by actively engaging them in creation, performance, and reflection. Classrooms, even virtual classrooms, become dynamic spaces of creative self-expression and empowered learning. We collaborate with teachers to  understand each school's unique needs with a focus on meeting SEL goals to give each student the tools they need to succeed. Our Education Programs combine the creative mission of our performing company with our unique expertise in education.

For the 2020-21 school year we are offering a series of FREE pre-recorded residencies for all schools. To get the link to each new lesson, sign up here.

Want even more dance? If you are interested in synchronous residencies tailor-made for your students, contact us today about partnering for a Creative Schools Fund grant! Hubbard Street is a Tier 1 approved e-learning provider.




In Any Event Dance Discussion
Study Guide

As part of our Season 43: A Virtual Homecoming programming, we present a new film by Penny Saunders entitled In Any Event.

Using inference skills to guide their viewing, take your students on a deep dive into analyzing the storyline and characters in the film. Students will reflect on how the film's audio, staging, and movement shape their interpretation of the film's narrative.



Dance as Text

What happens when we shift our perspective to view dance as text and choreographers as authors? Students will learn how to "read" and "write" dance using elements of character development and storytelling alongside dance vocabulary and devices!



A 4-week series of video lessons and interactive guides to accompany the film The Sky Was Different by Jonathan Fredrickson.


Dance as Advocacy

This fall, Hubbard Street opened Season 43 with a virtual presentation of a new dance film by Rena Butler titled A Tale of Two.

Take your students through a deep dive into one of the film's core concepts with this series of video lessons and study guides: Dance as Advocacy.