Dance education is more than technique. It’s learning to collaborate, to retain new information and connect it to experience. It’s social justice. It’s text to self, and text to text, and text to world.  It's social emotional learning. Classrooms that include dance set students up for success.

For more than twenty years our in-school dance residency programs have transformed classrooms into living laboratories of movement and learning. Currently offered through synchronous online classrooms, each residency is rooted in a single essential question that brings context and focus to learning. Enduring understandings take what is learned and experienced from the classroom into students’ lives.

partner with us!

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago believes in a future where all  people have equal access to world-class dance performance and education, regardless of race, income, or social background. We partner with school and community organizations to make this a reality.

A Partnership with Hubbard Street includes: 

- Education experiences that connect the stage and the classroom 

- Standards Based Curriculum  

- Social Emotional Learning

- Performances and Field Trips

Ways to Partner:  

- School Residencies  

- After School Residencies  

- Single and Multi-Day Workshops  

empower your students!

Actively engage students in creation, performance, and reflection — and watch your classrooms transform into a dynamic spaces of creative self-expression and empowered learning. We collaborate with teachers to understand each school's unique needs with a focus on connecting academic, arts, and SEL goals to give each student the tools they need to succeed. To learn more about our work or schedule a program for your school, please click below to email us, or write to