The Trailer

The Sky Was Different  is a new film by acclaimed choreographer Jonathan Fredrickson that blends dance, verse, and music into a dream-like journey through the imaginations of the Hubbard Street Dancers. This surreal and stunning 50-minute film explores the minds and movements of characters through stories that are at once interwoven and disjointed. Isolation and introspection. Refuge and reflection. Loss and love. The Sky Was Different  peels back and lays bare the emotions that comprise the mood of our times. 

The Artists

"In my process, I used a lot of the dancers’ stories and reflections about what they feel today in relation to their past... I really wanted to get to know the Hubbard Street dancers — to explore the fullness of them. Knowing them became inspiring. It became the door to making something happen. I would give them prompts, and they would respond, and we would move through their stories, their reflections, their poems, and their texts. The piece was born from those ideas. I found that really exciting. There are really brilliant, brilliant minds at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago." 

— Jonathan Fredrickson



A 4-week series of video lessons and interactive guides to accompany the film The Sky Was Different.

THE SKY WAS DIFFERENT  and all of  SEASON 43  are free to all. If you would like to support Hubbard Street in creating this work, please click below.