Adam's Journey

Out of The void

Through his collaboration with Jonathan Fredrickson in the making of The Sky Was Different,  Hubbard Street Dancer Adam McGaw finds his escape from a deep feeling isolation and emptiness. 

"This is Jacqueline Burnett..."

On the Process

What's it like to collaborate with choreographer Jonathan Fredrickson... from 4,231 miles away? 

Abdi's Performance

You Are Not The Moon.

In this compelling video, catch a glimpse Abdi Figueroa Reyes — his shadow on the wall as he moves, his paper mâché volcano, and his recitation of a strand of dialogue written by fellow Hubbard Street Dancer Alyssa Allen.     

Alyssa's Dialogue

How Are You?

Hubbard Street Dancer Alyssa Allen offers insight into the origin of a key passage of dialogue from The Sky Was Different.  This dialogue — in which a speaker characterizes herself as being "lost, suspended between loneliness and fantasy" — emerged from Alyssa's collaboration with choreographer Jonathan Fredrickson. Alyssa describes the experience of working with Jonathan as "fulfilling, healing, and ultimately life-changing."    

These Boots were made for

David Schultz

Hubbard Street Dancer David Schultz shares a recording of a studio improvisation that may have ultimately led to the haunting, beautiful Folding Chair scene in Jonathan Fredrickson's The Sky Was Different.  

Andrew Murdock

Begin with a prompt.