To accompany The Sky Was Different, we have created a 4-week series of digital content including study guides, videos, and a residency to guide the exploration of young people through one of the film's core concepts: Narrative & Dance.

K-8 Online Residency

Through 4 mini-lessons, students will deconstruct and learn the process of creating a dance film by creating their own mini dance film, exploring concepts of character traits, choreography, and film elements along the way.  These short but jam-packed 15-minute videos serve as a starting point for your students' journey as dance filmmakers learning how to communicate ideas through dance. To complete these lessons, students will need access to a camera, Flipgrid, and some space for movement. 

Dance Discussions for Grades 6-12

November 16 -  Dance as Film

November 30 - Narrative in Dance

December 7 - The Sky Was Different film exploration

December 18 - Live Q&A with the artists from the film

Student Matinee

December 9 - 18, the film will be available for students and teachers to view at any time, culminating with the live Q&A with the artists from the film on Friday, Dec. 18.

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K-8 Online Residency Lesson 1
Dance as Film

This 15-minute mini-lesson introduces dance concepts and choreography through the lens of Dance as Film for students in Grades K-8. To complete these lessons, students will need access to a camera, Flipgrid, and some space for movement. 


Dance Discussion Study Guide - Grades 6-12

Dance as Film: This Discussion Guide is a multi-media examination of dance as film, supported by an overview of the filmmaking process and artists doing this work. Dive into vocabulary, discussion questions, and a range of videos showcasing the work of artists who create dance films.

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Coming November 30th: Narrative in Dance

A multi-media exploration of narrative concepts across dance forms, including an understanding of narrative elements, character development, and choreographic structures. 


Coming December 7th: The Sky Was Different

An exploration of the choreographic process and concepts behind the film. The Student Matinee presentation of the film will be available December 9-18, 2020.


Friday, December 18th: Live Q&A with the artists from the film The Sky Was Different. Students unable to attend live may submit questions in advance and will receive a recording of the Q&A.