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From a backstage bathroom on the night of March 12 — just moments after the public health crisis forced the cancelation of our Spring Series — the Hubbard Street dancers sent a message of love and gratitude to our audience. 

The night's performance would have been Ohad Naharin's Decadance/Chicago. It was sure to have been a career highlight for our dancers, and it would have been enjoyed by our largest Chicago audience in many years.

Here,  the dancers send a moving message to the audience, to the sound of  “Na Tum Jano Na hum” by Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.   

A Community Collaboration

Create With Hubbard

At the outset of the public health crisis, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago put out a call for collaboration — a call to anyone who wanted to create and connect.  We received hundreds of works from people seeking to share of themselves.

This video is the poignant result of the #CreateWithHubbard project.  It brought together the Hubbard Street dancers, faculty, staff,  and families — as well as hundreds of friends in the dance community around the world. 

The concept was created by choreographer and former Hubbard Street dancer Robyn Mineko Williams. The video was edited by Hubbard Street dancer Adrienne Lipson. The music is provided by Third Coast Percussion.


Brunch With Hubbard

After the first week of sheltering in place at home in mid-March 2020, the Hubbard Street Dancers made this fun compilation to check in and bring a little levity to our community. Enjoy this peek into our homes set to an original song by Alencia Norris!

A Film

Faces In Places

Created by Hubbard Street Dancer Elliot Hammans, “Faces in Places” is inspired by his meditation on the word ‘expression’ and the importance of nonverbal communication.

As the way dancers work shifts rapidly to adapt to the times we are living in now, this short film offers a look into the bizarre experience of maintaining community and holding on to our humanity in a solely digital space.

The film features the Hubbard Street Dancers, with Glenn Edgerton and Jonathan Alsberry. The music is "Triptan" by Third Coast Percussion.

A Virtual Sharing

HS Pro + Chu + Gordon

As the COVID-19 crisis began to escalate, Peter Chu and Jenni Gordon were in their first week of creative process with the dancers in Hubbard Street’s Profession Program, HS Pro. All were heartbroken by the shutdown. But under the guidance of Alexandra Wells, Hubbard Street’s Director of Artist Training, they cultivated a remote learning program with efficiency and care.  

While scattered across the globe, our dancers and guest artists showed resiliency and generosity. This film is a result of two weeks of learning alone, together. It  reflects the healing power of art, and the brave expansion of horizons, and our ability to touch each other's hearts despite our physical distance.


UChicago Arts + Hubbard Street Professional Program (HS Pro) presented moving installations a stairway and a corridor, an evening of art, dance and music in an installation setting at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. The performance featured the dancers of HS Pro in original creations by Robyn Mineko Williams + Melina Ausikaitis and Jenna Pollack + E.LEE and marked our final live performances just before the Illinois stay at home mandate went into effect. Although not anticipated, it was a grandiose finale. The performances were part of a broader residency facilitated by UChicago’s Dance Program in Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS).

HS Pro + Logan Center + U Chicago

Frankenstein: an homage to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Creation by Robyn Mineko Williams and Melina Ausikaitis (Aitis Band) with the assistance of Jessica Tong, Hanna DiLorenzo and Rachel Ferring. Collaboration with the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts and the University of Chicago’s Dance Program in Theater and Performance Studies. Videography by Peter Hinsdale.

HS Pro + HSDC Company Dancers

Quarantine Collaboration

Film compilation by Ophelia Bryan and Audrey Sides
HS Pro class of 2019-20 and HSDC company members

Concept: Ophelia Bryan
Edited by: Audrey Sides
Music: Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities: Take Anything You Want by Third Coast Percussion + Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities: Torched and Wrecked by Third Coast Percussion

Featured dancers credited in order of appearance at end of film.



As the culmination of their 2 week-long virtual residency with HS Pro, FLOCK (Alice Klock + Florian Lochner) presented this film festival of original works by the HS Pro dancers. FLOCK guided them through creating material, generating solos and spoken narratives, and designing, filming, and editing their own films. The result is a collection of beautiful, personal, and authentic pieces.

Hubbard Street Unbound

Hubbard Street Unbound  was a two-week Season 42 virtual finale spanning May 23 - June 6, 2020 featuring new works and fresh projects from the artists of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Check out some of the projects produced for Hubbard Street Unbound below!

We asked the community

What does hubbard street mean to you?

From the outpouring of thoughtful community responses, the Company Dancers artfully interpreted some of them into dance and movement.

While we could not include every reply in this compilation, know that we read each one, and we are moved by how special of a place Hubbard Street holds in your hearts. We are humbled and grateful to be in community with you.

Musical Madness #WithHubbard

"Craig Black and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the whole company together and make a piece of music with our bodies. Inspired by the amazing videos that have been circulating from musical groups all around the world (The Juilliard School, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and our dear friends Third Coast Percussion, to name a few), the Hubbard Street Dancers, Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton, Rehearsal Director Jessica Tong, Artistic Liaison Jonathan Alsberry, and Baby Cyrus all joined together to make this track. We thank you for indulging us this foray into musical composition, and we promise — next time we will just stick to dancing."

Adrienne Lipson



“The origin of this piece came from the idea of code-switching,” says Rena Butler, "… [the opening section] has each dancer in a square box, and they're just trying to break out of it and find freedom and find a voice — beyond the barriers or confines that are outlined by outside forces."

Rena Butler invited 15 dancers located around the world to come together virtually with Hubbard Street to explore an excerpt from her work, This, That, and the Third, originally debuted on stage in November 2019.