At Hubbard Street since November 2019, Eboné Harden (Director of Education) avidly contributes to the Arts Education & Community sector with a growth mindset by creating project based environments that support continuous improvement, high-caliber staff development methods, and data informed frameworks to enrich overall quality.

As a Youth Development and nonprofit leader with a former life as an independent artist, choreographer, and dancer, Eboné continues to embrace her non-traditional artistic pathway through a leadership style that celebrates authenticity, advocacy, and rigor. Building on a dance-making background, continued education studies & certifications, and her most recent experience as Program Manager for After School Matters, one of the nation's largest providers of after-school and summer program opportunities for high school teens, Eboné is committed to bridging arts, community, and education networks at-large within the Hubbard Street Dance Chicago community and beyond.