Summer Bod Goals: Achieved

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June 14, 2018

By: Katie Griffiths

Summer Bod Goals: Achieved

Summer is in full swing, and so are the aspirations of a beach-ready body. Kym Costa, Pilates instructor at the Lou Conte Dance Studio, has plenty of advice on how to be your healthiest and happiest during these warmer months.


In order for performance and fitness to increase, Kym recommends changing up your traditional routine; that’s where cross-training comes in. She says “cross-training for dancers and anyone is always a good idea.” Not only does it shake up your workout routine, but also contributes to injury prevention. Pilates, yoga, swimming, cardio, or any type of resistance training is best for dancers and movers alike. It’s okay to take a few days off class, but you must continue to supplement your body in other ways. No type of cross-training is better than another, Kym stresses to “find what you like, and seek teachers with knowledge” on the topic.

“I teach a class called CardioSculpt which is Pilates in a circuit, cardio, and body weight exercises,” says Kym, “It’s a great cross-training class.” In this class, you’ll strengthen the body while burning calories, providing a workout for all levels. CardioSculpt is offered Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm.

Nutrition Knowledge

You often don’t understand how important nutrition is. In order for your body to function at its prime potential, you must “feed it in a way to help its function,” says Kym. Nutrition-wise, Kym says when we exercise or dance, more oxidative stress is created. Therefore, more antioxidants must be consumed to combat that oxidation. These vital antioxidants can be found in fruits and vegetables.

If that isn’t reasonable for your lifestyle, she recommends taking Juice Plus, a capsule/chewable from juiced and dried veggies, grains, and berries. Kym also hosts a Zoom Call every Thursday at 8pm CST with more info on Juice Plus. Call or text Kym at 312-208-1603 if you’re interested in joining.

Maintaining those Healthy Habits

Summer allows the businesses of life to slow; what better time to focus on your health? Take advantage of the nicer weather to increase your day-to-day physical activity, as well as your intake of fresh produce. Try a different form of cross-training, or sample a new food high in antioxidants. “It’s important to look at the body from all angles,” says Kym. To increase holistic nutrition, you must pay attention to not only your physical output, but also your nutritional intake.

More on Pilates and CardioSculpt

Pilates Equipment classes are normally 4 week sessions, $140 per session. There is a max of 4 students required, as well as a minimum of 2 students. You can sign up for the equipment classes at the Lou Conte Dance Studio front desk. No experience necessary for the beginning level, but approval from an instructor is necessary for the intermediate level.

Private and semi-private sessions are also available by appointment only. Please call 312-850-9766 for pricing and more information. For more information, please email or call 312-850-1603.

Cardio Sculpt will be offered Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm, June 5-July 31. Payment is taken in the Pilates Studio; $20/class or $120/summer session.

Summer Fitness Class Schedule, June 4 - August 26*


  • Int. Pilates, 6:30-7:20pm


  • Adv. Pilates, 9-9:50am
  • Vinyasa Yoga Level 1/2, 6-7:15pm
  • Pilates Equipment Classes, 6:30-7:20pm
  • CardioSculpt, 7:30-8:30pm


  • Pilates Equipment Classes, 6-7pm & 7-8pm
  • Beg. Pilates, 6:30-7:20pm


  • Int. Pilates, 5:30-6:20pm
  • Pilates Equipment Classes, 6:30-7:30pm


  •      Adv. Pilates, 11:40am-12:30pm


  • Beg. Pilates, 9-9:50am
  • Int. Pilates, 10-10:50am
  • Pilates Equipment Classes, 10-11am & 11am-12pm


  • Vinyasa Yoga Level 1/2, 11am-12:15pm


*Click here to see a full schedule of Summer Classes at Lou Conte Dance Studio

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