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Each day of Hubbard Street Unbound: A Virtual Season Finale  will offer something new. Explore the day-by-day schedule below to find new performances, films, conversations, and posts.  Inside each entry, you'll find the links to join live performances, watch videos, and more.

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Virtual Season Finale: June 5 at 6:30 p.m. CT


Season 42 comes to a conclusion for Hubbard Street Dance with (stay)Inside/Out, a live performance of new works choreographed, curated, and produced by the Dancers themselves! This is the first-ever virtual edition of Hubbard Street's annual choreographic  workshop, Inside/Out. The Dancers gave the performance the title of (stay)Inside/Out to reflect their working conditions due to the coronavirus. Click the image on the left to watch a trailer built from footage from last year. Click the button below to go to the live event at showtime on Friday at 6:30 p.m. CT!     



Space, In Perspective by Peter Chu

LIVE at 4:00 pm CT  [CLICK this heading to go to the ZOOM STUDIO before showtime.]

Space, In Perspective: A Virtual Sharing Experience  unfolds like a guided tour, with renowned choreographer Peter Chu leading the Hubbard Street Dancers through movement and dance. The experience includes solos, duets, and live music, all performed by Hubbard Street dancers. 

Instagram Takeover by Adrienne Lipson

The incredible Adrienne Lipson joined Hubbard Street 2 in 2013 and joined the Main Company  in 2016. Since then, she has been a key figure in defining what Hubbard Street looks like onstage. Now she's going to define what Hubbard Street looks like online. Check out her Instagram Takeover.



  • Video: Musical Madness from the Hubbard Street Dancers


Musical Madness # WithHubbard  by The Hubbard Street Dancers

"Craig Black and I thought it would be a great idea to bring the whole company together and make a piece of music with our bodies. Inspired by the amazing videos that have been circulating from musical groups all around the world (The Juilliard School, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and our dear friends Third Coast Percussion, to name a few), the Hubbard Street Dancers, Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton, Rehearsal Director Jessica Tong, Artistic Liaison Jonathan Alsberry, and Baby Cyrus all joined together to make this track. We thank you for indulging us this foray into musical composition, and we promise - next time we will just stick to dancing."  — Adrienne Lipson  



  • LIVE class for our Parkinson's Program at 12:45 p.m. CT on Facebook LIVE
  • LIVE, Dance Story Time at 3:30 p.m. CT on Facebook LIVE 
  • Video: A look at the work of dancers in our youth programs during the stay-at-home order
  • Video: A spotlight on our youth faculty's work during the stay-at-home order
  • Video: A first look at Robyn Mineko Williams' Undercover Episode 018: Home Video, released at 6 p.m. CT 


A first look at Undercover Episode 018: Home Video, by Robyn Mineko Williams

This video offers a sneak peak the special Undercover Episode that choreographer Robyn Mineko Williams has been creating with the Hubbard Street Dancers. The full work will air LIVE on Friday, May 29 at 6:30 p.m. CT. 


Dance Story Time,  Live!

3:30 p.m. CT

Join us for Dance Story Time live via Facebook LIVE with Hayley Barker, free and open to all! You will need to follow us on Facebook in order to see the LIVE presentation.


Video: Students' Work

Check out this video of student-produced work, with choreography by Rena Butler and Anne Kasdorf.    

Video: Faculty Spotlight

See how Hubbard Street's faculty works during the stay-at-home order.




What Hubbard Street Means

We asked patrons and fans: "What does Hubbard Street mean to you?" From hundreds of great responses, the Hubbard Street Dancers have selected some to interpret through dance and movement. Check back here for a compilation video edited by Hubbard Street Dancer Elliot Hammans. 


Instagram Takeover by Alysia Johnson

The amazing Alysia Johnson has been a Hubbard Street Dancer since 2018. A graduate of The Juilliard School and a two-time recipient of Juilliard's Entrepreneurship Grant, Alysia has served her hometown of Dallas since 2015 by founding and directing a summer program that serves young artists. Before summer arrives, she's taking over our Instagram. Check it out.




Throwback Thursday

Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton gets together virtually with the inimitable Jessica Tong, former Hubbard Street Dancer and Rehearsal Director. Together they recall past performances and and share clips of works that hold a special meaning for them. Their memories are captured and edited by the immensely talented — and tireless — Jonathan Emanuell Alsberry. 

What It Takes To Call A Show

See a show from Stage Manager's seat. Kate Darby, the Stage Manager and Head of Props for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, created this video to give you an inside look at what it would be like to call the show. In this case, the show is The Bystander by Kyle Abraham, which debuted in November 2019. This video was created and edited by Darby. Special thanks to Kyle Abraham for permission to offer this unique perspective on his work. 

  • Instagram Takeover by Connie Shiau
  • LIVE performance of Undercover Episode 018: Home Video at 6:30 p.m. CT, via Vimeo
  • LIVE pre- and post-performance gatherings open to all, via Vimeo  


Undercover Episode 018: Home Video

LIVE at 6:30 p.m. CT

This one-night-only digital performance is the latest incarnation of Undercover Episodes by choreographer Robyn Mineko Williams. The evening features Hubbard Street’s full company performing the work from their homes, a live score by Chicago band Verger, and interactive pre- and post-show events. 

Instagram Takeover by Connie Shiau 

The captivating Connie Shiau has been a Hubbard Street Dancer since 2018, which is the same year that she was named one of Dance Magazine's 25 To Watch. Follow along with her Instagram takeover today. It'll be awesome.

  • Video:  Guests artists learn Rena Butler's work This, That & The Third


This, That & The Third

Hubbard Street Dancers ask their peer superstars in the dance world to learn segments of Rena Butler’s piece, This, That, & The Third. Rena was born in Chicago and is a Hubbard Street Dancer as well as Hubbard Street's Choreographic Fellow. In 2019, Rena won a Princess Grace Award Winner for Choreography. This video was edited by the incredible Jonathan Emanuell Alsberry.


  • Video: The HS Pro Dancers work with FLOCK, Alice Klock & Florian Lochner
  • Video:  Memories  of HS Pro and its alumni


FLOCK with HS Pro

This video was created in our professional program, HS Pro, during their work with FLOCK, the extraordinary collaboration between former Hubbard Street Dancers Alice Klock and Florian Lochner. 

HS Pro Memories

A moving, inspiring, and fun video celebrating HS Pro and alumni, edited by Aleks Schillmoeller. 

  • Instagram Takeover by Abdi & Adam
  • Video: Dancers and other notables answer, "What Does Hubbard Street Mean To You?"


Abdi & Adam Instagram Takeover

Guess what... It looks like Hubbard Street Dancers Abdiel Reyes Figueroa and Adam McGaw are taking over our Instagram. 


"What Does Hubbard Street Mean To You?"

Hubbard Street Dancers, artistic leaders, nonprofit leaders, and others answer this question in a video compiled and edited by HUbbard Street Dancer David Schultz!


  • Video: Throwback Thursday with Craig & Kevin
  • Video: Inside Look at how to light Crystal Pite's A Picture Of You Falling  


Throwback Thursday: Craig & Kevin

Craig D. Black, Jr. and Kevin J. Shannon recall past performances and choreography that hold a special meaning for them. Their memories and clips are compiled and edited by Jonathan Emanuell Alsberry. 


Let There Be Light

This video will take you inside how Jack Horwitch and Scott Nelson create the stunning lighting effects in the extraordinary work A Picture of You Falling  by Crystal Pite. The video is edited by Jack Horwitch. Special thanks to Crystal Pite and other artists for allowing us to explore and present their work in this light.

  • Instagram Takeover by Craig & Kevin
  • LIVE performance of (stay)Inside/Out at 6:30 p.m. CT, via Zoom
  • LIVE post-performance party open to all, via Zoom    


Craig & Kevin Instagram Takeover

Hubbard Street Dancers Craig D. Black Jr. and Kevin J. Shannon are taking over our Instagram. 


LIVE at 6:30 p.m. CT

An evening of original choreography by the Hubbard Street Dancers themselves! This is the first-ever virtual stay-at-home edition of Hubbard Street's annual choreographic workshop, known as Inside/Out, which has a long tradition of nurturing emerging choreographers from within the Company. Look for choreography from Hubbard Street Dancers Jacqueline Burnett, Andrew Murdock, David Schultz, Kevin J. Shannon, and Connie Shiau. 

Wrap-Up Party: Open to All! 

LIVE, immediately following (stay)Inside/Out

All are welcome to join in the HUbbard Street Unbound Wrap-Up Party.



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