Dress Code

Early Childhood Dance

  • Students must wear clothing that is comfortable, does not restrict movement and does not inhibit the instructor from ensuring proper technique. If students are wearing skirts, students must also wear shorts, leggings or tights.
  • No denim
  • Bare feet
  • Hair pulled back


  • Students may wear either of the following:

                 - Fitted white t-shirt, opaque black tights, and black ballet shoes.
                 - Required leotard color, tights, and ballet shoes. Tights and ballet shoes may be pink or skin tone, but must match each other.

  • Long hair should be up in a neat bun, shorter hair should be pulled back out of the face.

Intro to Ballet 

Pale Pink

Level 1

Pale Blue

Level 2 


Level 3


Level 4

Royal Blue

Level 5


Level 6

Navy Blue

Level 7


Level 8


Teen 1 and Teen 2 Ballet


Jazz, Modern, Tap, Musical Theater

· Students may wear a leotard, fitted tank top, or fitted t-shirt, with jazz pants.
· Leotards, tank tops, and t-shirts must be a solid color.
· Jazz shoes for jazz and musical theater, tap shoes for tap, bare feet for modern
· Hair pulled back

Hip Hop

  • Students must wear clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict movement
  • No denim
  • Clean sneakers required

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