Youth Dance Program classes run on a two semester schedule. Registration for the 2018 Fall Session will open in Summer 2018.

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Early Childhood Division

For ages 18 months to 5 years

Hubbard Street’s Early Childhood Creative Movement curriculum allows young students to explore their developing movement skills while interacting with caregivers and peers, moving into independent classes around age 3. Utilizing our renowned universal dance vocabulary, each session features a different theme, such as change, communication, balance, or confidence to contribute to the development of our littlest students as they start to understand themselves and the world around them.

Creative Movement (CM) Parent/Child Class: ages 18 months to 3 years

Caregivers are an essential part of this class, in which we bounce, swing, twirl and jump accompanied by vibrant music and stories.

 Creative Movement (CM): ages 3 to 5

As children explore new and familiar dance concepts through their evolving gross motor skills, we’ll tell stories with movement while dancing together. Offered as Dance 3, Dance 4, Dance 5, and a multi-age Creative Movement 3-5.

 Primary Division

For ages 5 to 9

The Introduction to Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop classes provide foundational vocabulary and structure to young and beginning students, preparing them to successfully begin Ballet 1 and beginning courses. Ballet technique classes progress annually, with faculty approval, while Jazz, Modern, and Hip Hop levels comprise multiple years. Please note that study in modern dance traditionally begins later than other techniques, so the ages for this course are different. Students in the Intro classes gain a stronger sense of self as they explore who they are as dancers, and prepare their bodies and minds for technical study, creating a balanced and developmentally-appropriate dance education.

 Intro to Ballet, ages 6 to 9

Intro to Jazz, ages 6-9

Intro to Hip Hop, ages 6-9

Intro to Tap, ages 6-9

Level I Ballet, ages 7 to 9

Level II Ballet, ages 8 - 10

Beginning Jazz, ages 7-9

Beginning Hip Hop, ages 7-9

Beginning Tap, ages 7-9

Beginning Musical Theater, ages 7-9


Secondary Division

For ages 9 to 18

The Secondary Division provides in-depth study for beginning to advanced students, in techniques including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, and tap.

*Ages for students in level 2 and above assume some previous ballet study.

**Additional classes in Tap and Hip Hop are recommended for all interested dancers. Students wishing to take Tap or Hip Hop only do not need to follow the ballet curriculum guidelines.



Additional Course Recommendations**

Level 1, age 7

One class/week

Intro or Beginning Jazz

Level 2, age 8*

One-two classes/week

Intro or Beginning Jazz

Level 3, age 9

Two classes/week 

Beginning Jazz, Intro Modern

Level 4, age 10

Two classes/week

Beg or Int. Jazz, Beg Modern

Level 5, age 11-12

Two-three classes/week, plus one pre-pointe

To take pointe, you must enroll in 3 ballet classes.

Int. Jazz, Beg or Int. Modern, Variations, Conditioning

Level 6, age 12-13

Three classes/week plus two pointe or pre-pointe

Int. Jazz, Int. Modern, Variations, Conditioning

Level 7, age 13-14

Three-four classes/week plus two pointe

Adv. Jazz, Int. or Adv. Modern, Variations, Conditioning

Level 8, ages 14-18

Three-four classes/week plus three pointe

Adv. Jazz, Adv. Modern, Variations, Conditioning

Teen Ballet, ages 12-18

One to two classes/week. Three weekly classes at level 5 and above are required for pointe work.

Jazz, Modern


Ensemble Opportunities

Hubbard Street ChoreoLab

For ages 9 to 12

The creative process of choreography is at the core of the Hubbard Street Youth Dance Program. Dancers have space to improvise, experiment, choreograph and perform their ideas with the Hubbard Street ChoreoLab. Through the guidance of our teaching artists, ChoreoLab dancers engage in student-created contemporary choreography, with opportunities for community performances throughout the year as well as a year-end sharing.

Cost: $600 for the 2017-18 school year + $100 performance fee.

Mandatory ChoreoLab Workshop

The ChoreoLab Workshop is open to students in ballet levels 1-4, ages 8 -11 years. Students must attend the workshop to participate in ChoreoLab during the 2018-19 school year.

Friday, September 14 from 5-6 pm                          

Registration opens at 4:30pm.

Hubbard Street Youth Ensemble

For ages 13 to 18

Levels 6 and above. Students in Level 5 may audition to understudy in the program at a reduced fee.

Audition Required

Experience the joy of performance as you put your technical skills to work.  Advanced dancers expand their skills through intensive coursework in a variety of techniques, engage in choreographic studies, and attend master classes with a diverse range of professional dancers and choreographers. Students work with 3-4 guest choreographers annually and perform throughout the Chicago area. The Youth Ensemble represents Hubbard Street’s Youth Dance Program at events throughout the year and performs student and faculty work for Hubbard Street’s school and community partners.

Cost:  $850 for the 2017 -2018 school year, $150 costume and performance fee. Level 5 Understudy fee $750.

Ensemble Audition

Previous placement in Ballet 6 or above and/or recommendation by staff is required.

Friday, September 14, 2018, 6-7 pm

Registration opens at 5:30 pm.  

Young Choreographer's Project

For ages 14 to 18

Application required

From our vast experiences as human beings, let alone students of dance technique and choreography, each of us is inspired to use our movement voice in a different way.  The Young Choreographer’s Project is an advanced venture involving significant student independence in project design and execution.  Working under the guidance of a selected faculty mentor, advanced teen dancers will have eight (8) weeks to bring a dance piece from the initial concept to a fully realized 4-to 6-minute work.  Choreographers must demonstrate considerable leadership skills, as they take responsibility for casting their piece, communicating with their mentor through in-person meetings and journal entries, selecting music and costumes, and meeting all deadlines.  This valuable experience is designed for students interested in pursuing choreography at the collegiate or professional level.

Cost: $500, includes 16 hours of rehearsal space, up to eight hours of faculty mentoring.  Contact to apply.  Applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Performance Opportunities

Students must be registered for classes in the Youth Program in order to perform. Exact performance dates for 2018-19 will be announced in Fall 2018.

Carnival of the Animals: December 2018

Students in all levels may elect to audition for this lively and fun ballet. Carnival of the Animals is set to Camille Saint-Saëns humorous musical suite of 14 movements, originally composed for a private performance in 1886. The ballet tells the story of a young boy, Oliver Pendleton Percy the Third, who falls asleep in New York’s American Museum of Natural History, and dreams that the people in his life — family members, teachers, classmates — have all been transformed into animals. Rehearsals will be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, some roles will have more than one rehearsal day weekly.

Audition, September 16, 2018

            Ages 3-7: 11-11:45 am

            Ballet Levels 1-2 (ages 7-9): 12-12:45 pm

            Ballet Levels 3-5 (ages 9-12): 1-2 pm

            Ballet Levels 6-8 (ages 12-18): 2-3 pm

Performance and Costume Fee - $100

Faculty Showcase: March 2019

Students in levels 4 and above may be invited to audition for the Spring Choreography Showing, an evening of choreography by our faculty and senior dance students. Rehearsals will be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Audition, January 12, 3-5 pm

Performance and Costume Fee - $100

Showcase Performances

Ensemble Showcase

Join us for an evening of dance featuring students in ChoreoLab and the Youth Ensemble as they share the work they have created during the year, as well as work set by outside choreographers.

End of Year Showcase

Primary and Secondary division students share their work in our end of year showcase. No additional rehearsals until show week.

Questions? Email or call 312-850-9744