Class Schedule

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Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Basic Ballet   7:30-9pm   7:30-9pm   10-11:30am  
Basic Modern   6-7:30pm          
Basic Jazz     7:30-9pm     2:30-4pm  
Basic Tap           11:45-1pm  
Basic Hip-Hop   6:15-7:30pm 8-9:15pm     1:15-2:30pm  
Beg Ballet 7:30-9pm         1-2:30pm  
Beg Modern     6-7:30pm        
Beg Jazz    7:30-9pm       11:30-1pm  
Beg Hip-Hop  6:15-7:30pm    6:15-7:30pm   7:45-9pm   2:45-4pm  
Beg/Int Ballet     6-7:30pm         
Beg/Int Jazz  6-7:30pm      6-7:30pm      
Beg/Int Musical Theatre 7:30-9pm          1-2:30pm  
Beg/Int Tap 6:15-7:30pm (musical theater)       6:15-7:30pm      
Int Ballet 6-7:30pm   6-7:30pm    6-7:30pm   2:30-4pm  10-11:30am
Int Modern       6-7:30pm    11:30-1pm  
Int Jazz    6-7:30pm       10-11:30am  11:30-1pm
Int Contemporary      7:30-9pm        
Int Tap           1-2:15pm  
Int Hip-Hop  7:45-9pm            
Int/Adv Ballet 1:30-3pm  1:30-3pm  1:30-3pm 1:30-3pm  1:30-3pm    
Int/Adv Musical Theater   7:30-9pm    7:30-9pm       
Adv Hip-Hop       6:15-7:30pm      
Adv/Pro Ballet  10-11:30am  10-11:30am 10-11:30am  10-11:30am   10-11:30am    
Adv/Pro Modern: June 13-August 24     12-1:30pm   12-1:30pm    
Adv/Pro Contemporary: June 11-August 23 12-1:30pm  12-1:30pm   12-1:30pm      
Boom Crack! Company Class              3-4:30pm
African            10-11:30am  
Adv Pilates   9–9:50am      11:40-12:30pm    
Int Pilates 6:30–7:20pm     5:30–6:20pm   10–10:50am  
Beg Pilates     6:30–7:20pm     9-9:50am  
Pilates Equipment Classes    6:30-7:30pm






 Vinyasa Yoga Level 1/2    6-7:15pm          11-12:15pm
Dance Latin Groove           12-1pm  
Adv/Pro Hubbard Street Rep: June 4-8 12-1:30pm 12-1:30pm 12-1:30pm 12-1:30pm 12-1:30pm    


* For dancers at an intermediate level in ballet with a minimum of one year of pointe experience 

Questions? Email or call 312-850-9766

* *All new clients must sign up for class in person