In-School Residencies

World-class dance educators.
Innovative research-based programming.
Your students.

 Hubbard Street Dance Chicago offers residencies and workshops for students to explore contemporary dance and choreography, develop their creativity and problem-solving skills, deepen their analytic and abstract thinking, create connections to other areas of study, and learn about themselves and from one another. All while having an incredible time.

SpringBoard residencies offer seven ready-to-go curriculum packages for schools looking for innovative ways to add dance to their offerings. Working with our world-class faculty, students explore elements of dance and choreography to foster creativity, analytic and abstract thinking, and interpretative and problem-solving skills. From compare/contrast to character traits to conservation, teachers learn engaging ways to teach and connect specific topics and larger concepts, skills and strategies. SpringBoard residencies are available to schools throughout the Chicago region.

Each SpringBoard residency is rooted in a single essential question that brings context and focus to learning. Students view, develop and interpret improvisation and choreography aligned to the residency topic and larger themes connected to both dance and education, like empowering their creative voices and supporting inference proficiency. Our SpringBoard programs support Core Arts and IL SEL standards as well as connect to appropriate Common Core anchor standards.

With great thanks to our funding partners, SpringBoard residencies are offered at reduced fees for Chicago Public Schools.

 List of Curriculum Options here

When bodies move, minds soar

With great thanks to our funding partners, MAP is offered free, through a competitive grant process, to our partner schools Movement as Partnership schools are selected by application annually. The 2018-19 application portal will open in March 2018. 

 The Movement As Partnership (MAP) Program is our signature education initiative. Our free, in-school dance residency program transforms classrooms into living laboratories of movement and learning. This unique long-term partnership model is designed to strengthen and advance dance education in the public-school setting while also supporting teacher professional development and student learning across subjects.

 Students explore their surroundings, express and embody knowledge, and enhance their learning in compelling and powerful ways. Teachers have the unique opportunity to collaborate with a dance educator for professional development and curriculum design. As a school community, these classrooms become vital spaces of expression and growth.

Since 1997, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago has partnered with hundreds of public elementary schools throughout Chicago and the surrounding region. We continually examine our processes to find and refine ways to more effectively reach teachers and students. As an organization, Hubbard Street engages in in-depth and ongoing reflection from independent researchers to assess and improve our programmatic offerings. Our research-supported initiatives bring a powerful community program to elementary schools. Inclusive, adaptive curriculum planning ensures every student is celebrated and able to participate.

Collaborative, creative, research-based—and fun—our residency programs bring dance into classrooms. Rooted in experience and research, these innovative offerings take student learning to new heights. Our Creative School Fund partners often choose to adapt a SpringBoard curriculum model for their school.

The Creative Schools Fund is a grant making partnership between Ingenuity and CPS’ Department of Arts Education to support the expansion of arts education in schools. Additional information and application information for The Creative Schools Fund can be found here.