All incoming 1st grade students are invited to audition for a full scholarship to Hubbard Street’s Youth Dance Program. HS First Steps provides weekly ballet class to selected students, with opportunity for further study upon successful completion of the program.

To be considered for Hubbard Street’s First Steps Program, you must attend an Open Class on Saturday, June 30. Please bring a completed First Steps registration form (Available in English and Spanish) . Eligible dancers who complete the class will be chosen through a lottery system.

Register for the Open Class

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Each year, Hubbard Street Youth Dance Program auditions dancers entering first grade in September (generally between the ages of 6 and 8 years) to receive a full scholarship to study classical ballet during the school year.

June 30, 2018 at 10 or 11 am

At the Hubbard Street Dance Center, 1147 W. Jackson, Chicago, IL 60607

Comfortable clothes that they can move easily in, dance attire is not required. They will take class in bare feet if they do not have ballet shoes.

Students will take a fun creative movement class with some ballet elements so that we can see how they work together in groups, observe and copy movement, and follow directions.

Audition attendance and participation, financial eligibility and completed forms. All who complete these requirements are entered a lottery and 20 students are selected.

This scholarship provides one free Intro to Ballet class weekly for selected students, plus all required attire for the year. Students and their families will also receive free tickets to two Hubbard Street performances annually.

Students must maintain good attendance (missing no more than 2 classes/session), attend class in appropriate attire, and participate in all class and performance activities.

First year HS First Steps students are placed in an Intro to Ballet class. Students who successfully complete all requirements are invited to return and begin in our Level I ballet classes, with opportunities to continue until they are 18.

Students are provided with the ballet class uniform free of charge thanks to our sponsor, Allegro Dance.

Students may miss no more than 2 classes per semester.

Students will perform in the end of year showcase and may elect to audition for other performances throughout the year.

This scholarship is renewable annually until the student is 18 provided all attendance and behavior requirements are met.

Your child may make up two classes/semester, following our make up class policies.

They will be required to observe class instead of participating.

Hubbard Street offers financial aid as available. Parents should complete the financial aid application if they are not selected for HS First Steps.