Exceptional training with the artists of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Hubbard Street Professional Program

Hubbard Street is excited to announce the brand-new Hubbard Street Professional Program, beginning the two-year course of study at scale in Fall 2017. 

Fall Semester: September 11 - December 15, 2017
Spring Semester: February 26 - May 25, 2018

Students will also have the exciting opportunity to perform with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago in the Fall Series, choreographed by Peter Chu, Sept. 21-24 at the Harris Theater. 

Professional Training Program

How to Apply:

Dancers interested in participating in the inaugural Hubbard Street Professional Program may:
  • Submit their resume, headshot, and video with adagio, pirouettes, petit and grand allegro from ballet class, at least one minute of improvisation, and an excerpt of choreography to HSPro@hubbardstreetdance.com

For guidelines and more information about auditions, please email HSPro@hubbardstreetdance.com.

As a new program we are unable to accommodate international students at this time.

Fall 2017–Spring 2019

Beginning with the launch of the two-year program in the Fall of 2017, the Professional Program will provide a comprehensive course of study for dancers entering their professional careers. Participants will thrive in a dynamic environment that fosters the artistic growth and skill-building necessary for success and longevity in the field of contemporary dance. The two-year program offers expanded opportunities and experience for those who participated in one or both of the Professional Pilot sessions. Dancers attending the Professional Pilot Program sessions are automatically eligible and welcome to register for the Professional Inaugural Program session provided they are 18 years of age by program's start date.

These new programs are intended for dancers seeking serious, professional-level training in conjunction with one of today's leading forces in contemporary dance. Dancer training will culminate in the synthesis of studied techniques, exploratory movement strategies, and the integration of this new knowledge into thought processes and performance.

First Semester: September 11 - December 15, 2017 (off week of Thanksgiving, November 20-24)
Second Semester: February 26 - May 25, 2018
Intersession: January 8- February 23, 2018
Dancer may opt to study during winter break. The intersession includes daily ballet and modern/contemporary classes with studio space available for student creation. Intensive Pilates training, Internships and Work Study opportunities may be available.

Classes during the two semesters will take place daily Monday-Friday, 9:15am- 5:30/6pm.

Curriculum for the two semesters will include: daily ballet class, somatics (Pilates, Franklin method, Image Tech), contemporary, floorwork, contemporary partnering, Flying Low, Qi gong, and Gaga. There will be mentoring lunches with a variety of guest. Additionally, dancers will learn Hubbard Street Dance Chicago repertoire and participate in creative processes with guest artists including Hubbard Street Choreographic Fellow, Alice Klock.

Full time faculty will include Jonathan Alsberry, Claire Bataille, Sarah Cullen Fuller, Anna Long, Brian McGinnis, Ben Wardell, and Alexandra Wells. Guest faculty will include Robyn Mineko Williams, Lindsey Parker Derry, Elia Mrak, Choreographic Fellow Alice Klock, Peter Chu, Jessica Tong, Hubbard Street Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton, and Hubbard Street company members.

Performance Opportunities:
There will be one in-theater presentation per semester, with the potential of additional informal presentations throughout the year. HS Pro students will have the unique opportunity to perform with Hubbard Street company members in a main stage performance at the Harris Theater in Hubbard Street's Fall Series featuring choreography by Peter Chu.

Interaction with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago:
Dancers will have the occasional opportunity to take company ballet class with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. Additionally, the dancers will have regular opportunities to observe company rehearsals and performances. HS Pro faculty includes Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton, and Rehearsal Directors Jonathan Alsberry, Peter Chu, and Jessica Tong.

Physical Therapy:
Dancers will have access to physical therapy provided by Athletico, the PT provider for Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. A therapist will be on-site one day per week.

Studio hours:
37 hours per week
13 weeks per semester
481 hours per semester
962 hours per year*
* This does not include hours in the theater, extra lectures, or performance attendance.

Tuition: $9850 per year

For guidelines and more information about auditioning in-person email HSPro@hubbardstreetdance.com.

Click here to see a program description flyer.