Company: Hubbard Street
Home Town: West Palm Beach FL

Penny graduated from the Harid Conservatory in 1995. She then began her professional career with the American Repertory Ballet under the direction of Septime Webre, danced with Ballet Arizona and MOMIX, and was a founding member of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (then Cedar Lake Ensemble). In 2004, Saunders joined Hubbard Street, where she began to pursue her choreographic interests, creating for Hubbard Street 2 in 2011 through its International Commissioning Project, and premiering her first work for Hubbard Street’s main company in 2013. She has since choreographed for the Nexus Project, Owen/Cox Dance Group, SFDanceworks, Whim W’Him, Grand Rapids Ballet, and Neos Dance Theatre as a choreographer in residence at the University of Akron. In 2015 Saunders returned to Hubbard Street’s main company and began a three-year choreographic residency with Grand Rapids Ballet. She thanks her lovely husband and beautiful son for all of their support.

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Article of clothing: Tank tops
Chicago restaurant: Royal Thai
Dancer: Elisabeth Carroll
Dessert: Mint chocolate chip ice cream

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