Exceptional training with the artists of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago


Hubbard Street is excited to announce its new Professional Training Program (PTP), launching with a PTP Pilot in Spring 2017 and beginning the two-year course of study at scale in Fall 2017. Previewing Hubbard Street’s new approach to artist training, designed specifically for early-career and pre-professional dancers ages 18–24, the PTP Pilot offers full immersion into the development of this curriculum during two five-week sessions in Chicago:

Professional Training Program

How to Apply:

Dancers interested in participating in Hubbard Street's new PTP Pilot and Inaugural training programs may either:

  • Attend one of our Pre-Professional Summer Intensive Audition Tour dates for more information about both programs
  • Attend the Sunday, February 26 Pre-Professional Summer Intensive Audition in Chicago to audition for both PTP Pilot and Inaugural programs. Please be prepared to stay until 7:30pm.
  • Attend a dedicated PTP Inaugural audition Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 1pm to 4pm at the Hubbard Street Dance Center
  • Schedule an in-person audition in Chicago outside of scheduled audition dates

For guidelines and more information about auditions, please email ptp@hubbardstreetdance.com.

Fall 2017–Spring 2019

Beginning with the launch of the two-year program in the Fall of 2017, the PTP will provide a comprehensive course of study for dancers entering their professional careers. Participants will thrive in a dynamic environment that fosters the artistic growth and skill-building necessary for success and longevity in the field of contemporary dance. The two-year program offers expanded opportunities and experience for those who participated in one or both of the PTP Pilot sessions. Dancers attending the PTP Pilot Program sessions are automatically eligible and welcome to register for the PTP Inaugural session provided they are 18 years of age by program's start date.

These new programs are intended for dancers seeking serious, professional-level training in conjunction with one of today's leading forces in contemporary dance. Dancer training will culminate in the synthesis of studied techniques, exploratory movement strategies, and the integration of this new knowledge into thought processes and performance.

Tuition: $9850 per year
Financial assistance and payment plans available

For guidelines and more information about auditioning in-person email ptp@hubbardstreetdance.com.
Session I: April 3–May 5, 2017
Session II: May 8–June 9, 2017

Monday through Friday 10am–4:30pm

Previewing Hubbard Street's new approach to artistic training, designed specifically for early-career and pre-professional dancers ages 18–24, the PTP Pilot Program may choose one or both five-week spring sessions.

In line with the focused experiences offered through our Week-Long Intensives and Hubbard Street's Studio Series, class size will be kept small to facilitate guided, mentored instruction and individualized coaching. Areas of focus will include advanced technique practice in ballet, contemporary, improvisation. Modern and partnering; learning and refining Hubbard Street repertoire; engaging in the creation of new works by faculty members as well as by participants themselves. Supplemental physical practices such as Pilates and yoga, as well as classes in acting and music will round out the curriculum. Additional gatherings and lectures throughout will provide space for conversation and reflection.

All dancers who attend the PTP Pilot Program will also be invited to participate in the Inaugural PTP in Fall 2017.

Tuition: $1,500 per session (5 weeks)

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of tuition ($750.00) is due upon registration, with balance due in full as follows:

Session 1: March 27
Session 2: May 1

For guidelines and more information about auditioning in-person emailing ptp@hubbardstreetdance.com.