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Please check back in Spring of 2015 for Youth Dance Camp information for Summer 2015.  
If you have any questions please email Youth@hubbardstreetdance.com


Hubbard Street Dance Chicago’s Youth Dance Camps offer a variety of opportunities for dancers of all ages to explore, learn and create!

Hubbard Street’s Youth Dance Camps offer creative and challenging opportunities for young dancers ages
3 – 16 all summer long! Dance Explorers leads students through a series of movement studies using the techniques and processes of professional choreographers, as young dancers experience professional dance from the ground up. For more advanced students (ages 7+), our Secondary Program camps include Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop camps where dancers can work intensely in the technique to develop technical skills and virtuosity. For our littlest dancers, Little Movers focuses on gross motor skills and imagination, creating a foundation for further dance studies. Returning this summer, Hubbard Street is also offering a Secondary Program Intensive (ages 10-16) and a two week multi-arts experience combining dance, drama, visual art and music - Artistic Connections. Drop in for one session or spend the summer dancing! Each week offers new opportunities.


Please check back in Spring of 2015 for Youth Dance Camp information for Summer 2015.
If you have any questions please email Youth@hubbardstreetdance.com

Unique to Hubbard Street, our camps for our youngest dancers are not to be missed!

Little Movers: For our littlest dancers, we offer a week of fun that builds their gross motor skills, musicality and kinesthetic confidence. Students will wiggle and giggle as they establish a life-long foundation for dance, exploring their world through creative movement activities.

Creative Movement Parent/Child Mini-Camp: This camp is especially for caregivers and their little ones as you dance and explore together. We will bounce, swing, twirl and jump to learn about ourselves, others and the world around us accompanied by vibrant music and stories in this 4-morning camp!

Dance, drama, music and visual arts combine to create a completely new camp experience. Young dancers will have the chance to explore in each medium while creating a final piece that combines all four art forms, exploring the myriad ways the arts influence each other. Working with professional teaching artists in each discipline provides a rich and unique experience that promotes creativity and collaboration.

Hubbard Street’s most popular camps are back and better than ever with more sessions to choose from! Don’t let your dancer miss the chance to dance and choreograph this summer! Drop in for one session or spend the summer dancing! Each week offers new opportunities.

Imagination in Motion: Using the same improvisation structures used by Hubbard Street 2 to create from the floor below by Loni Landon, young choreographers will explore universal dance vocabulary and create and perform their own unique choreography to perform at the end of the week.

Creative Connections: Young dancers will explore how contemporary dance is created by studying a piece by Hubbard Street 2, and will then use that experience to create and perform a new work based on themes and processes used in that work.

Discover Choreography: This final week of Dance Explorers enables dancers to explore choreographic concepts as they start to create movement that is meaningful to them. Young dancers find their voice as they experience guided improvisation and the creative process in a collaborative setting.


Our technique camps provide intensive study and practice for our older dancers! Hubbard Street’s amazing faculty make these camps challenging and fun!

Ballet Camp: Classical ballet emphasizes strength, flexibility, coordination, alignment, muscle tone and musicality. Camp offers intensive instruction in a supportive learning environment, nurturing a personal sense of well-being. This is a multi-level course, designed to nurture new ballerinas while challenging those with more experience.

Jazz Camp: Jazz dance is a mixture of rhythm and style, influenced by ballet, tap and jazz music. Camp provides a time to follow this system of exercise for physical toning, strengthening, flexibility, isolations and placement. This special week of focused study will expose dancers to various choreographers and styles.

Hip Hop Camp: Students will develop the fundamentals of hip hop as they push to a new level, creating and choreographing under the guidance of Hubbard Street teaching artists. Camp provides a time of intense focus and time to explore and create within the exciting discipline of hip hop dance.

Modern Mini-Camp: Modern dance combines traditional technique--to develop strength, coordination and flexibility--with an emphasis on exploration of weight, momentum and body.

Tap Mini-Camp: Camp introduces basic vocabulary and execution of steps, technique and rhythms, exercises to strengthen the ankles and center floor combinations.

In this week-long intensive, dancers will focus on technique and practice of specific disciplines of dance: ballet, jazz, and modern. They will work with renowned faculty, including current or former dancers from Hubbard Street's main and second companies, as they refine skills and ability and work toward a sharing of studio work at the end of each session. Participation in at least one week is required for dancers interested in the Hubbard Street Youth Dance Ensemble, Fall 2014.



Questions? Call 312-850-9744, ext. 139 or email youth@hubbardstreetdance.com.

Summer Dance Camp Registration/Refund Policies

  • All registration fees are due by the first day of camp.
  • Hubbard Street Dance Chicago accepts checks, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
  • All checks should be made payable to “Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.”
  • Students can withdraw from a camp more than 2 weeks before the camp begins. If a student withdraws from a camp less than 2 weeks from when the camp begins, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago will retain 50% deposit.
  • All payment plans must be paid by credit card.
  • On the first day of camp, all camp fees are forfeited and no refunds will be offered.
  • Hubbard Street Dance Chicago reserves the right to cancel any camps due to insufficient attendance. Alternative camp placement or refunds will be offered under such circumstances.
  • Instructors are subject to change. No credits or refunds will be issued in this case.
  • $25 fee will be charged for returned checks.
  • $25 processing fee will be applied for late camp payments.

Dress Code

  • Students should wear clothing that is comfortable, does not restrict movement and does not inhibit the instructor from ensuring proper technique.
  • Students should not wear jeans to camp.
  • Dance clothes and/or shoes are permitted at creative movement camps.
  • Students may be asked to take their shoes off in the studio and will dance barefoot in creative movement camps.
  • For Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop: girls should wear a leotard and jazz pants, boys should wear a t-shirt and jazz pants.
  • For Ballet: girls should wear a black leotard and pink tights, boys should wear a white t-shirt and jazz pants.
  • Appropriate shoes are required: ballet shoes for ballet class; jazz shoes for jazz class; bare feet for creative movement; tap shoes for tap class; and jazz shoes or clean sneakers for hip-hop.
  • For all camps, hair must be kept back out of the face and not interfere with class.

Arrival and Attendance

  • Drop-off/check-in starts at 9:00AM, 1:00PM and/or 11:00AM, depending on the camp.
  • All students must be signed-in/out by a parent/guardian. Hubbard Street Dance Center if filled with many programs during the summer along with hundreds of visiting dancers throughout the building. To assure the safety of all dancers, we ask that parents/guardians sign their dancer in/out every day of camp. This is also a great opportunity for the teaching artists and camp staff to pass along important information to you.
  • If students are early, students should wait in the lobby for their instructor.
  • Please have your students visit the restroom before the beginning of camp.
  • Students may change in the dressing rooms before camp if necessary.
  • Parents may wait in our main lobby or our studio lobby just beyond the Lou Conte Dance Studio front desk.
  • If a parent/guardian is more than 15 minutes late picking up a student, a $25 per hour after-care charge will be assessed for time.

Snacks and Lunch

  • If your child has any allergies, please include them in the emergency information form.
  • All students most provide his or her own snack and lunch.
  • For the safety of all students, we ask that no peanut products are included in snacks packed from home.
  • Water is the only beverage permitted.

Sharing of Student Work

  • On the last day of camp, parents will be invited into the studio to observe what the students have worked on throughout the course of the week.
  • Video and Photography will be permitted.
  • More information will be provided as the day approaches. Typically, student sharings happen in the last 1-2 hours of camp.
  • Friends and Family are welcome at student sharing.


  • Hubbard Street reserves the right to cancel or consolidate any camp due to insufficient attendance. Alternative camp placement or refunds will be offered under such circumstances.
  • Instructors are subject to change. No credits or refunds will be issued in this case.
  • Hubbard Street and its instructors are not liable for any injuries sustained while student is in class, or on the premises.
  • No video, audio, photo or any other recordings are allowed in the studios, with the exception of the final sharing of student work.
  • Parents are not allowed in the studios before or after class.

Behavioral Policy

  • No food or gum in studios. Nothing other than water is allowed in Hubbard Street studios.
  • Parents will be notified and consulted regarding any in-class behavioral issues or questions.
  • If a child acts out in camp in a manner that is harmful to him/herself or others, that child shall be removed from camp and parents shall be notified immediately.
  • Children will be dropped from a camp if their behavior interferes with safety or is chronically disruptive. We may recommend that your child be moved to a more appropriate camp level if needed.